Judging Process

Our judging and evaluation
process is a streamlined one

. We have developed the evaluation criteria and a corresponding set of
assessment and scales that we believe allow for a fair, honest and equitable
assessment of each entry.

Nominees will be evaluated based on
the following criteria

Contributed to the cybersecurity goals, strategy and mission of their organization and the supply chain

Added value to self through learning and continuing professional development

Raised awareness for improve cyber security within the organization and the extended cybersecurity community

Promoted advocacy and use of internet safety measures

Played a vital role upholding a reputable image for their organization

In the spirit of the cyber technology “Break Through,” supported the course of endearing innovation

In the spirit of the cyber technology “Break Through,” has helped solved complex problems

Seized an opportunity to create or revolutionize idea towards national cyber security and technology development.

Should have reflected the values of regulatory institution of the nation, state or county where they reside

Has the votes of colleagues and friends in the workplace and in the industry

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